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Colegiul Tehnic Ioan Ciordas (Romania)

Geometrician’s Views – Romania on Facebook

Geometrician’s Views google site

Geometrician`s Views” continuă la Colegiul Tehnic „Ioan Ciordaș”

On the occasion of disseminating the activities of the project, I made some short videos on the following themes addressed by pour team. It was an unforgettable experience. We want to keep in touch in the future.

1) Spirals:

2) Curves:

3) Friezes:

4) Cubism:

5) Knots:

6) Gardens:

7) Pendulum:

8) Puzzles:

Virtual Dor Sociedad Limitada (Spain)  

Geometrician’s Views on Neotrie site

Geometrician’s Views on Etwinning’s site

Istituto Comprensivo 14 Perugia (Italy)  

  1. Geometrician’s Views on Istituto Comprensivo 14 site
  2. Geometrician’s Views on Istituto Comprensivo 14 site
  3. karditsa 2022 manuela casasoli in pdf

    Geniko Lykeio Proastiou Karditsas (Greece)  

    Geometrician’s Views on lykproas’s blog

    Srednja skola Novska (Croatia)  

    Geometrican’s views – presenting the project (14/10/2021)

    Predstavljanje erasmus+ projekta geometrician’s views (19/07/2021)